Due to changing customer demand, we recently enlarged our activity. In 2013, we started the production of our ready-made meals. Many different « gourmet » recipes are available in most supermarket deli-counters, in France, under the brandname « Tradition de Vendée Traiteur ».
These products respect the same care, values and commitments as our « charcuterie ».
We respect traditional methods, we promote craftmanship, we guarantee the best quality of meat and fresh ingredients. We certify that all our recipes are free from artificial preservatives, chemical colorants and taste enhancers.

The ready-made meals prepared with pork meat are from free range pig reared in the open.

The range includes the « parmentier de boudin noir », a french recipe made from our famous black pudding added to a traditional mashed potatoes.

Tradition de Vendée Artisan Traiteur  estampilles-porc-fermier estampilles-poulet-fermier estampille-boeuf-fermier estampille-mouton-fermier estampille-agneau-fermier

A new range of organic ready-made meals is now produced to organic standards. One can discover the organic “parmentier “of black-pudding, the spinach and goat’s cheese lasagna, the cauliflower “gratin” and the creamy chicken lasagna.