« SAUCISSES »: FRESH PORK MEAT SAUSAGES made from free range pig reared in the open.

We offer a wide range of sausages. They are all guaranteed low-fat and made according to our artisanal recipes. The sausage skin is 100 % natural.
With our without fresh herbs like parsley. With white wine « muscadet » or spices.
The veritable « merguez » is a spicy sausage prepared with beef and mutton meat.
One of our specialities is a sausage slowly smoked with a light oakwood flavour.
The Tradition de Vendée sausages are not very greasy due to the quality of the meat.
They contain only lean pork meat (shoulder and belly bits).
Serving suggestions: Be sure to cook the sausages without pricking them to retain their mellowness!
Serve our « merguez » in the tasty North African dish « couscous ».
Choose smoked sausage to accompany the French recipe « choucroute »: shredded white cabbage cooked into white wine combined with a selection of pork meat including garlic sausage, pork shank…