Jambonneau-artisanal-porc-fermier« JAMBONNEAU »: PORK SHANK – COOKED IN STOCK from free range pig reared in the open.

Hand prepared from a selection of the leanest parts for a meaty flavour.

Serving suggestions: as a starter « hors d’œuvre » Don’t forget the Dijon mustard !




« SAUCISSON À L’AIL »: FRENCH GARLIC SAUSAGE of free range pig reared in the open from Vendée.

Pre-cooked. Ready to serve. Generously seasoned wtih fresh garlic. Natural sausage skin. Lean meat. Rich pork flavour with a mellow garlic taste.

Serving suggestions: Wonderful on a charcuterie board. Can be left whole, sliced, or diced and eaten on it’s own. Often added to the French speciality: « Cassoulet ».