« PATÉ » made from free range pig reared in the open.



Artisanal recipes. Prepared in a traditional style. This type of cooking is visually appealing and gives a distinctive taste to the pâté.
It not only enhances the flavours but also helps to reduce salt.
A wide variety of ingredients is used in the preparation of « pâté »: pork, rabbit or duck meat, added to wine, brandy, onions, garlic or herbs, etc

  • « terrine de campagne »: the country pork meat pâté, the most rustic terrines of our range.
  • « terrine grand’mère »: grand mother’s pâté. Made from lean meat, white wine and onions.
  • « terrine de lapin »: rabbit pâté. French rabbit cooked with bay leaves and herbs.
  • « terrine vendéenne »: Vendee pâté. Lower content of pork liver with some aspic jelly.

Serving suggestions: terrines cooked in our wood burning oven can feature in a buffet. They can simply be sliced onto a bed of greens. They are also delicious on a toasted baguette spread with Dijon mustard.

Can be sold by 6 small pots of your own choice: 6 rillettes, or 3 liver pates and 3 rillettes, …

confit-foie-artisanal-porc-TRADITIONAL HAND-MADE « PÂTÉ » from free range pig reared in the open.

This range is cooked in a conventional oven. It is prepared with top quality pork meat and fresh ingredients such as onions, garlic, parsley…
Terrines are shaped with a laddle or by hand in earthenware moulds (pâté dish).

  • « Confit de foie »: pork liver pâté with caramelised onions.
  • « terrine à l’ail »: garlic pâté with a rich garlic flavour
  • « pâté de têtes » or head cheese: cooked pig’s head meat prepared with parsley, garlic and shallots