boudin-noir-oignons-porc-fermier-brasse« BOUDIN NOIR »: FRENCH BLACK PUDDING

results from a tasty combination of fresh pork blood, top quality meat from free range pig reared in the open and caramelised onions.
Guaranteed natural casing (skin). Twisted one by one, by hand, in an artisanal style. Without rind. It can be blended with other ingredients such as compote, chestnuts, cream or raisins.
Serving suggestions: Delicious when served cold, in thin slices, for aperitif. you can also taste it grilled or paned with apples or home-made mashed potatoes. Don’t forget the lettuce!

boudin-antillais-artisanal-porc-fermier« BOUDIN ANTILLAIS »: SPICY (WEST INDIAN) BLACK PUDDING

made from fresh pork blood and meat from free range pig reared in the open, caramelised onions, green and red peppers and chili.
Guaranteed natural skin. Twisted one by one, by hand, according to our traditional method.
Serving suggestions: can be eaten cold in thin slices or simply grilled.

boudin-blanc-artisanal-porc-fermier« BOUDIN BLANC »: WHITE  SAUSAGE

fmade from pork meat from free range pig reared in the open with milk, eggs and spices. Other specialities are prepared with mushrooms, « foie gras » or truffles at Christmas time.
Serving suggestions: ideal for a winter dish served with caramelised apples.